Weird behavior with perspective table

I have a perspective table that is populated with a named query binding, this works fine. I am using a menu tree to switch between a couple views, and just noticed that sometimes when i switch to the view with the table in it something odd happens. One of the values is sometimes displayed as “shifted1”. It doesn’t always happen, and really doesn’t affect anything, is this a bug?


Thanks in advance!

Without a way to replicate the issue we won’t be able to tell you. Could you provide any additional information about the Table and/or binding? Are you 100% confident there is no value “shifted1” in your DB or within any transform you’re applying? Is it in your default data by any chance? Try searching you project (all views - not just open views) for “shifted1”.

Honestly i have not been able to replicate this since i saw it happening the first time. The table is in a mysql database which stores some basic user info, nothing complicated. I have some named queries for insert, update, and delete, and a regular query bound to the table’s data property. I am 100% sure there is no value “shifted1” in the database, and i am not using any transforms. A search yields no results for “shifted1”

I know that an unreproducible issue is almost impossible to diagnose, thought i would lob it out there anyway.