Weird Gateway Logs: Full of starting up client project monitor, sqltaghistory error

My gateway logs are full of these messages, especially number 1

  1. Starting up client project monitor. project=PackingStation scope=4
  2. The datasource ‘millroom’ cannot accept data of the given type [sqltaghistory].

Regarding number 2, there is nothing in the store and forward quarantine. I thought I would ask here before contacting support.

For number 1, that log message looks like a Vision client opened for project PackingStation.
For number 2, that log message can occur when you have a tag configured to store tag history to a historical provider that is disabled. If you check Config > Tags: History, is your “milroom” provider disabled?

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For number 1, I’m getting that message very often

Number 2, my millroom source is enabled. I was running on a temporary gateway until I fully converted to v8.1 from v7.9. I downloaded a gateway back up from the temp and imported it to my production gateway (both used the same DB connections). That is when I started to see this message.

I’ve contacted support: #47269