Weird Gateway Logs: Full of starting up client project monitor, sqltaghistory error

My gateway logs are full of these messages, especially number 1

  1. Starting up client project monitor. project=PackingStation scope=4
  2. The datasource ‘millroom’ cannot accept data of the given type [sqltaghistory].

Regarding number 2, there is nothing in the store and forward quarantine. I thought I would ask here before contacting support.

For number 1, that log message looks like a Vision client opened for project PackingStation.
For number 2, that log message can occur when you have a tag configured to store tag history to a historical provider that is disabled. If you check Config > Tags: History, is your “milroom” provider disabled?

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For number 1, I’m getting that message very often

Number 2, my millroom source is enabled. I was running on a temporary gateway until I fully converted to v8.1 from v7.9. I downloaded a gateway back up from the temp and imported it to my production gateway (both used the same DB connections). That is when I started to see this message.

I’ve contacted support: #47269

Today I found that on one Gateway at one of our customers, we also have a log full of this:

I should have come back and posted the answer :frowning_face:.
For us, the problem was a logout script that was running based on inactivity seconds. We have a default, read-only user that is logged in after a certain amount of inactivity, but there was a bug in the logout script. It wasn't looking at the current user, so after the client switched to the default user, it kept logging the default user in everytime the timer script was executed.

The thing is, that I have a Client Timer script, but inside these scripts, there's nothing to do with inactivity or changing the user... :confused:

These definitely look like project login events, but I don't know where else to check.