Weird modbus write coil issue

I’ve attached the log file. There WILL be a lot of odd entries in it as I was trying different addressing schemes.

The symptom I am trying to figure out is when writing a ONE/true to a single memory bit location, it always throws a bad quality error. YET…it does successfully write the value. When writing a ZERO, it never throws an error. Period. Only when writing a one. I know the writes in the end are successful as the PLC program I have running is simply firing output coils based upon those memory address bits being 1 or 0 (just a protocol test ladder logic program I put together to make sure all this was working fine).

The PLC is a Hollysys LM3108 connected via a DIGI One IA, via a VPN tunnel back to ignition running at the office. Protocol is Modbus. I know…remove all the middle components to reduce/identify the potential problems (which I intend to do Monday, but in the end this will be the equipment used in this application).
logs.bin.gz (254 KB)

Actually, ignore this post. I’m getting results that are not consistent and I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Will open a new topic if needed.

Thank you