Weird MySQL errors

Keeping getting this almost generic like error on windows where a MySQL query is used to populate a text field or display data, Running diagnostic on screen shows not errors, and there are no error overlays on any of the screens, just this annoying error popup:

Different screen, but same ‘generic’ error:

MySQL server V5.7

Ignition V7.9.8

What does the full error message say, rather than the compact?

This is related to an issue that’s been documented elsewhere on the forum - but basically, while you’re on 7.9.8 you’ll have to go into any query bindings and make sure that the ‘Update Query’ field (if it’s there) is both empty and disabled before saving the binding.
The behavior of these bindings is fixed in 7.9.9.

full error.txt (5.3 KB)

When is 7.9.9 scheduled to be released?
This is on a brand new install and it does not go over well the the end customer.

Soon; i.e., within weeks.

This is the culprit. Now i have to hunt each component on all the screens and shut these off:

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Yep - that’s the issue. Note that this should only affect modified or newly created bindings since 7.9.7 - bindings that haven’t changed since before 7.9.7 should still work fine. As I mentioned before - in order to manually fix them you’ll have to empty out the update query entirely, then disable, then ok the binding change.