Weird Template Behavior on inactivity

We have noticed some very strange behavior in the Vision Client when a window that includes template-based graphics is displayed. If the window is left open long enough for the logged-in user to be logged out automatically (30 minutes) on inactivity the templates often (not always) get screwy. If you have a window with 10 instances of the same template (all pointing at different data sources), some will get gray overlays and some will get red bad configuration overlays. Styles for multi-state indicators will change so that colors and text are not as they should be. Data values will become incorrect - the number on the display will no longer agree with the value in the SQL tag browser.

Everything reverts to normal when you log in or when you navigate to a different window and return to the misbehaving one without logging in.

Numeric and multi-state indicators that are pointing at the same data sources but are not parts of templates are not affected.

If you have 10 template instances on the screen only 3 or 4 will be affected. The template instances that are affected are not consistent between occurrences.

This appears to be a major nuisance bug with Ignition v7.7.1. We have confirmed it on two different systems.

We can confirm the same/similar type of issue. Sometimes changing pages then going back to the page with the issue helps, and sometimes it requires a log out/in.

Scott - we are finding this to be related to timing issues. The whole screen gets redrawn when the user changes. The window we were seeing this happen on the most included a bunch of queries of SQL tables. A workaround for us was to change configuration so query results were cached locally, this reduced the amount of activity on a re-draw.

It still seems to me to be a bug - Ignition’s templates should handle this gracefully, not fail silently giving erroneous readings. If the system is too busy for the queries to finish in time, it should retry them later or something. However, in our case, taking actions to reduce the load on a re-draw event did ameliorate the problem.

MCC - Thank you for your solution - we also have lots of bindings and a few queries, so we’ll implement your solution right away. Regards.