Weird View Behavior Deletes Custom Property Automatically

Hello all,

I am seeing weird thing in my project. I have a views having 2 custom properties linked to different databases. One of custom property gets deleted automatically and hence the script I have done throws “AttributeError” exception.

Why is this causing I have no idea. Please see snips for reference:

I have to add the property every time I open a view. I have done some scripting based on that data present in property called “Ascent” when the view opens. Please suggest.

Ignition Version: 8.1.1

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Is there any script that writes to the custom.Data prop? If you add another prop into Data, does that also disappear?

Also, I like your design, very nice :slight_smile:

Yes there is a query bind on custom.Data and the query has some parameters like Date. What I am doing is as soon as user lands on this page, setting the Date to now() which keeps the data updated.

I tried adding another prop it does not disappear, however I get AttributeError right after I open the view in the designer.
& Thanks man!