Wemos + Modbus TCP

Hi There,
New to Ignition. I am having a hard time to get modbus TCP working with a Wemos (Arduino Modbus). I use a TCP modbus scanner and all my tags are there. But nada, can’t get ignition to show “connected” status. I also tried 3 other Scada packages concurrently- no problem I am reading all my tags. What could I possibly be doing wrong?


Can you give us a little more information? Do you have logs from the Ignition Gateway? Can you ping the IP you’re trying to connect to from where the Ignition Gateway is installed?

Hi Kevin,
“Address of network adapter to connect from.” field had to be empty. I had my networks gateway IP in there… I suppose because the server is local host, the gateway is ported via local host and not directly with a pure desktop based Scada package.
Thanks for your response.

That field is for choosing a local bind address, so if not blank it needs to be the IP of one of the NICs in the Ignition Gateway server, not your network gateway IP or any other IP that isn’t assigned to the Ignition server.

It’s not a field most people will ever need to set.