Whacky drag and drop bug

I’m renewing my challenge for weirdest/hardest to find bug with this one :slight_smile:

I was trying to drag a tag onto a Numeric Label. I remembered from FactoryPMI that you used to have to click on a tag first before then clicking it again and dragging it onto its target - this seems to have been fixed in Ignition. I accidentally ended up double-clicking it before starting to drag it, causing the tag properties dialog to appear. Being somewhat confused I released the mouse, as it happens above a text box. The name of the tag appeared in the text box and the tag disappeared from the SQLTags Browser.

Even when I pressed cancel and closed the dialog, the tag had gone permanently.

Thanks for submitting this problem. We will look into it some more.

Ok, we found the problem. It has been submitted and will be fixed soon.