What causes "Alarm property model initialized."? (v8.1.18)

I was reviewing the logs and found dozens of entries relating to alarms (comm loss) configured for DNP3 devices (39 of them) using [System]Gateway/Devices/{DeviceName}/Status != "Connected".
The logs have 1000’s of diagnostic entries for all the devices with the following in the messages. Oh, and yes, every entry has the same time stamp.

  • Alarm property model initialized.
  • Registered live event ‘32409332-3f7b-44fd-a0be-837dc4cc47aa’, state: Cleared, Unacknowledged. Outstanding events: 1
  • The transition to Clear will be marked as an ‘initial event’.
  • Alarm release

How do I make sense of this? Why would the alarm property model be initialized?

Thanks you.

What is the name of the logger that is making these entries? Can you please post the full stack trace? Do you have replication steps for this behavior?

Hi Ayanna,
It looks like its the Execution logger. There is no stack trace. No, I don’t know how to replicate the behavior…it just showed up. And I haven’t seen (looked with filter) one since Aug. 28th.