What determines the initial size of an SVG embedded into Perspective?

I have an SVG saved as an optimised SVG in Inkscape and the size is 150x73, but when I embed it into Perspective the size is 20x50 which isn’t even remotely the same aspect ratio… Why do they not import at their native size and what currently determines what size they import as? I imported the same SVG only smaller in Inkscape and it imported into Perspective larger than the first one :confused:

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It seems its the height and width defined in the svg

it seems it has to be in the right format for perspective to recoginze it (just a number/ px?).
ive tested an svg where width="100mm" and it got turned in to 20x50 (a default value i guess)
while the 725x483 was fine. px seems also fine, not gonna test them all xd

number good
px good
mm bad
… others??

Check the svg and see if these have any other units behind them

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