What do these log errors mean?

We use a vision application in our office and recently the past few days at around 8:19 AM it seems like connectivity to the application cuts out.

I see these errors in the logs.

We may or may not be losing internet connectivity at 8:19 AM as well, which I am currently investigating. I am wondering do these logs reflect a lack of internet connection by the gateway, which would explain the lack of connectivity for the vision application, or if this is not related to the internet and that I need to look deeper regarding the connectivity issue.

I can remote into the gateway and get the full detail of the logs if needed, but really just want to know if these warnings are thrown due to a lack of internet connection or if they have some other root cause.

If the internet connection is required to access your Modbus device(s) then yes that could be the cause. These error messages just mean we weren’t getting a response from the device.

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Ok, I think we are having more general network connectivity issues that are not Ignition based then. Thanks for the information.