What do you use Ignition for?

We recently had a customer request a web client for one of our 3-tier applications. This was a problem for us because we don’t have web expertise in house. Then someone (ok it was me) said Ignition has this applet mode. It has all the primitives (windows, trees, buttons, text fields, etc) the HTML does. It has a web server. Why don’t we use it?

So we did.

Ignition for web development. How cool is that?


Yeah, I would love to see screenshots. Examples are inspiring. I just recently looked into getting the book “high performance HMI handbook” from Amazon as mentioned in the webinar and weezers it was 95$. I did find a few pages out of it on a Rockwell doc and it was inspiring, Breaking allot of paradigms about user psychology. Reminds me allot of the web design classes I took in college where we studied how humans read and perceive information.

Tailfire, that book is worth its weight in gold. We follow it as best we can and it has helped out quite a bit. The Alarm Management Handbook from PAS is also good, although it is a duller read.

PASs High Performance HMI is an excellent read. Carl had me read it and I couldn’t put it down. (sorry for being off topic)

I’d love to post screen shots but it’s still in development (and not by me or my team).
I’ll try and get permission.

HMI Handbook looks really good. Nice to hear recommendations from those that have read it. I’ve already blown the book budget for this month so it will have to wait. :frowning:

Maybe they’ll lower their price now that they’ve sold more than the 3 copies expected when it was first written?

Oh, back on subject… we use Ignition in house for our CRM system. There are some tough spots (email integration, for one), but overall, it makes sense- Ignition is probably one of the best Database RAD tools around.

Should probably include this employee tracker app here as well.

I’m sorry Kevin, I thought “thinking out of the box” would make you guys happy.

Haha, it does. :slight_smile: It’s mostly just applets that make me sad.

this is a brilliant use for Ignition… Love it…