What does Downtime mean in this context?

During the upgrade process, the Gateway will have to restart, so make sure to account for downtime when upgrading.

I wanted to know what exactly does Downtime mean in the above context.

What was the context of that extract? Can you link to the article?

In general, if your production system, both machinery and its operators and other staff, depend on Ignition running, then you need to schedule your upgrade process for when production is not running. Because Ignition will go "down", and may cause production to also go "down".

It is that simple.

If a production line is that tightly coupled to Ignition, it should have a pair of Ignition gateways as a redundant pair. Then the downtime for upgrades or other maintenance can be a several seconds for switchover. Instead of several minutes or more.


Thank you pturmel...this helped me