What does "event.source.disablePopUP " mean?

I was wondering what the below code mean? I can not find in the mannual. Anyone can help me understand this code?

Actually,it was used in a templated event to open a popup window see below:
if not event.source.disablePopUP:
param1 = event.source.UDT_Path
window = system.nav.openWindow(‘PopUps/Production/PIT_Details’, {‘UDT_Path’ : param1})

disablePopUP is (or was) a custom property - that’s not a built-in component property.

As @PGriffith notes, disablePopUP would be (or have been if it is no longer there) a custom property. event.source means the component that is the source of the event, and disablePopUP would be a custom property someone created on that component (almost certainly the same component that has this script on it). Custom properties will show in blue at the bottom of the Property Editor when the component is selected, like this:
They are created by right-clicking on a component and choosing Customizers->Custom Properties (or pressing Ctrl-U).

In the example you give, it looks like someone set it up to disable the popup in some conditions by setting the custom property disablePopUP = True.


Thank you PGriffith! That make sense!

Thank you witman for so detailed information. That is so helpful to me to understand! Appreaciate it!