What does it mean the symbol at the right of the Tags?

What does it means the symbol that appears at the right of some Tags? (it looks like a calculator)

I exported tags of Ignition, then I edited those Tags with CSV (added some Paths) and finally I imported them again. In some of the Tags, now appear that symbol, and some of them does not read well. So I created that Tag again (with the same Path and Data Type but without that symbol) and reads well.

Does it make any sense? Thanks you all.

That means that you have some kind of numeric scaling active on the tag, if you open the tag and click on the “Numeric” tab on the left there is probably something other than “Off” in the scaling drop down:

You may have changed something by accident when you manually edited the CSV file. If you turn numeric scaling off that should fix the problem.

Hi Duffanator,

Thanks for your reply. The problem was there like you said, but it was a little more complicated.

In all the Tags that I had defined as Int8, Ignition added the calculator symbol. Although the Scale Mode was Off, there were values at the Raw, Scaled and Deadband fields that were affecting to the reading of the Tag.

Should I open a report bug? Thanks again.