What does Min/Max aggregation mode return when using interval samples?

The user manual indicates that Min/Max returns 2 values (min&max) for the sample window, but when using interval mode, it only returns 1 sample per interval window, and it appears to return the same value when using closest value, minimum, or maximum. In interval mode, is Min/Max basically the same as closest value? Not an issue if that’s the case, just wanted to know.

Bad taste to bring up an old post but I would prefer not repeating the questions. I am trying to display the hourly min max over a specified timeframe for a given tag in Ignition Reporting. Thus I am using:
Aggregation Mode: Mix/Max
Return Format: Wide
Sample Size: Interval (1 Hour)

The result is always one value for the given hour and not two (Min/Max). I tested this out quickly on a normal perspective time series chart and I was getting the same issue. But changing Sample Size to “Fixed” gives me a min and max value for a given timestamp.

Why is it that Min Max using Interval sampling does not return two values for the specific interval?