What does SNMP add to your project?

I’ve just been trying to read about SNMP recently because I’ve been told it could be really great for monitoring but I don’t understand what this gives me that I can’t already get with tags. I can already get infos on the stations with the tags, I can make graphs using tags in realtime. “SNMP traps” just seem to be event-based, “SNMP get” looks like the same as polling.

I’m really trying to understand the benefits of adding SNMP and right now I don’t understand.

Thanks a lot!

You have the gist of it. What SNMP brings is a wide variety of device support, particularly among commercial and IT-ish stuff.

We used snmp on a project with lots of IT hardware (switches) to pull in the port statuses and various other things. You can also get stuff from PC’s as well such as HDD space for monitoring.

We find it useful to monitor the heath of a fiber optic ring around various facilities. It helps with network troubleshooting.