What fomrat is "t_stamp" in tag history database?

Hello all,

I am using the tag history database, and there is a column there called t_stamp. I do not understand what the format is? Is there any way I can change to the actual date format? Just like the start date/ end date of the named query? I am planning to use this database in my named query and I am planning to create a chart data based on t_stamp.


To avoid compatibility problems across database brands, tag history stores 64-bit milliseconds UTC, which matches the internal implementation of java.util.Date–Ignition’s platform-wide date/time object.


I see. Thank you, Phill for your response.
So I am trying to use that t_stamp as my domain key in my report to create a chart but nothing is showing up, I thought the problem should be with the t_stamp. So your suggestion is that I do not change the format, correct?

No, Ignition does that for you. Use a Tag History Binding instead. For a report, this is called Tag Historian Query.

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I will check that. Thank you!

I just checked the tag history query that would work the best. Thank you!