What format is the wrapper log?

Dumb Linux question… How do I open the wrapper log? This is my rpi4 debian environment

Raw bytes. Most content should be utf-8, but loggers might not respect that… Use kate or another code-capable editor.

Any text editor should be able to open wrapper.log files… the logs .idb you export from the gateway is another story.

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I’ve tried both “Text Editor” and Geany, but neither can open it :confused: If I copy it to Windows, no problems reading it…

Q: On a side note, how can I remove a module if I can’t get the gateway booted?

A: Delete the modl file from the user-lib directoy

Can you upload this wrapper.log somewhere?

I just opened it with nano. I was also able to grep the log directly from the terminal. Does nano wrapper.log work?