What happen to licences with a Hard Drive fatal error?


In to past days the server where i have the ignition licenses installed and the ignition gateway running went to failure, the failure was in the RAID controller (RAID 0), fortunately the controller configuration could be restored and it recognized the hard drives, My question is, in case of a major failure, is it possible to recover the ignition licenses even with fatal damage to the hard drives?

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You can ask support to reset a license in case of catastrophic failure. It is better to have backups. (!!)


Hi pturmel,
So, are the licenses included in the backup?

Yes, but tied to the filesystem of the OS. The best backups are complete disk images, IIRC.

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As of 8.1.14 or .15 maybe, there’s a new license feature where you can host it on another server and the gateway checks in on it periodically. Not sure what happens if that other server then dies though :slight_smile:

Edit: see tagged as 79 but they should upgrade someday :slight_smile:

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