What happened to the forum suggested unread topic list?

Using mobile phone, there used to be a suggested topic list at the bottom of each topic, but it's not there anymore at the moment for me :frowning: anyone having the same issue and/or know why it's gone?

Eg it's blank here instead of showing a list of unread topics

Still shows on my desktop.

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I have nothing too, but I’m not sure if it was there in the mobile browser

It's always been there in mobile, it's what I use most of the time to find topics (well, up until a point)

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Just leaked my productivity hack… half ass two things instead of whole ass one thing :grimacing:


Today was update of discourse - could be related. But i havent found anything in changelogs Discourse Version 3.1 - #2 by rishabh - releases - Discourse Meta

Yeah, we pay Discourse to host. It updates automatically. Bugs come and go.

Its working properly on my phone now

Yep mine too. The gods must have been listening!

Do you ever third ass 3 things ? The gains are huge !

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It still doesn't show up on my mobile device :face_exhaling:. Was there something you did to fix it or did it just randomly fix itself?

Thoughts and prayers. They finally worked this time!

(no, I didn't do anything, it just fixed itself :slight_smile: )