What happened to version 8.1.6 LTS? It appears to be gone!

I just noticed that 8.1.6 LTS is no longer available on the current version OR previous version download pages.

How long until the LTS release of 8.1.7 for those of us that have 8.1.6 deployed in production environments??

Any comments as to why it ‘disappeared’ all of a sudden?

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Serious regression. 8.1.7 is being prepared with only that change rolled back.

Details? I’ve got two gateways in production with 8.1.6 and would like to evaluate the requirement to upgrade to 8.1.7 or not.

Let me get someone familiar with the details to post here.

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We’re working on putting an advisory together, but I’ll try to summarize here.

When you import tags, you can choose a collision policy. One of those options is the Overwrite policy, which does as the name implies: changes on the importing tag will override attributes/properties on the existing tag.

In 8.1.6, if you import a UDT definition using an Overwrite collision policy, then members in instances of that UDT would unintentionally lose their overrides.

We’re still looking for all possible cases that could run into this problem. But in short you’d want to avoid the following on 8.1.6:

  • Using system.tag.configure with an Overwrite collision policy to modify a UDT definition.
  • Importing UDT definitions using the Tag Browser, while using an Overwrite collision policy (there’s some speculation right now that including instances in the import file that have the same overrides configure would avoid the issue, but we’re still investigating)
  • Modifying a UDT definition by pasting JSON into the Tag Browser: pasting JSON like this always implicitly uses an Overwrite policy.

Edit: I should add that the MergeOverwrite collision policy is not impacted by the issue introduced into 8.1.6. MergeOverwrite appears to be a solid work around if you must import some UDT definitions on 8.1.6, with the exception of pasting raw JSON (again, pasting always implicitly uses Overwrite)

Edit Again: For posterity, the advisory was posted: Critical UDT Import Issue in 8.1.6 – Inductive Automation Help Center


Thanks @Paul.Scott. That gives me enough information to know how to proceed for this customer. I appreciate IA’s transparency on this.


Just to clarify, this doesn’t impact restoring gateway backups?

Correct, it shouldn’t. The underlaying issue has to do with importing just a UDT definition. Restoring from gateway backups should not be impacted at all.

The release notes for 8.1.6 aren’t available anymore and the release notes for 8.1.7 only contain the issues fixed caused by 8.1.6. Can I get a copy of the 8.1.6 release notes? Making case for updating to 8.1.7 to the client. Thx.

I’ve mentioned it internally, we’ll see what we can do… In the meantime, it looks like if you hit the URL directly, it will land you there still (it just isn’t in the menu anymore):


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I’ve also merged in the 8.1.6 notes with the 8.1.7 notes for those who don’t know about accessing the above-mentioned URL.