What Ignition modules required to use Ignition gateway as an I/O servers, Main frontend gateway will be separate?

I am working design system solution for Ignition which will work along with Sepasoft MES modules, in this case i will have around 120 clients (Vision 90 approx. and 30 Perspective approx.) and around 70 approx. MES terminals(PC, printer and scanner) for Sepasoft, And 7k to 8k tags will be read/write from multiple PLC, devices and 3rd party applications via OPC, for this i am considering redundant frontend gateway with dedicated pc for SQL database server and at backend two dedicated I/O servers which will equally distribute load of communication, so can anybody guide me what Ignition platform and modules will be needed for Ignition use as an only I/O server, and it possible to deploy redundancy in I/O server?

Hi @shrikantgedam,

For your specific setup, it does seem possible to use Redundancy in I/O server based on our user documentation on Redundancy Architecture here:

For further details on which modules and which Ignition platform to use, please reach out to our Sales department, who can put you in touch with a Sales Engineer. They are best equipped to answer architectural questions for project/system development.

You can reach Sales at either 1-800-266-7798 Option 1 (+1-916-456-1045 for international) or via email at sales@inductiveautomation.com.

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