What is a locked component?

I recently recreated a tree navigator for my application. I replaced all references to the old tree with the new tree so now when I try to delete the old tree, I no longer get the “root container.component.field relies on this component” but I do get a message “The selection contains 1 locked components. Are you still sure you want to delete?”

The way still is italicized made me think this must be important somehow but I can’t find anything really in the documentation on this. What does it mean to be a locked component?

This means someone locked that component in the designer. When a component is locked, you cannot move or resize the component without unlocking it first.

This often helps on complex pages, where you can accidentally move the wrong component. But you should ask around in your team to see why someone locked it.

We generally don’t lock components, but try to keep pages simple by dividing them into different templates.



So its just to prevent accidentally messing up the way the page looks, that’s fine I’m getting rid of the component entirely anyways. Thanks.