What is (Overridden) option in the Tag Editor?

Can anyone point me in the right direction here? Trying to figure out what this (Overridden) control does? I can see that it toggles the script code between enabled and disabled as I enabled and disabled (Overridden) option but. I’m sure there’s something else behind this (Overridden) option?

Tag event scripts can be defined on the base UDT definition, then overridden on each instance of the UDT (or not). That’s separate from being enabled or disabled, hence two checkboxes.

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Thank you Mr PGriffith I think I get it now.

The UDT tag is where the base definition of this script is, this is where the script is ‘defined’.

It’s on the separate instances that the (Overridden) option appears and . . . if I understand correctly, it’s in these separate instances that one can override, change, or modify the functionality defined in the UDT Does this sound right?

Yep, sounds like you’ve got it exactly.

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