What is the best server to install Ignition 8.1?

What is the best server to install Ignition 8.1?

Currently I use Oracle Linux version 7.2, but I’m having to restart the machine almost every week, because the system starts to get slow.

I don’t know if it is still true, but early on, IA mentioned that they only test on Ubuntu Server. They clearly are now testing in Docker containers. I’ve kept my own infrastructure on Ubuntu, and deploy it if a client wants me to supply machine+OS.

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I agree with Phil, if I had my way we would pretty much only use Ubuntu, though I am usually stuck with a Windows OS of some sort.


this can be a number of reasons not necessarily relating to the OS. If you’re project is leaking memory due to bad scripting practices that build up over time, it’s possible switching OS would do little to mitigate this. You may want to investigate the root causes further before just switching to a different OS and having the same issue.