What is the best way to pass params between views who are not embedded?


I have a mainview that consist of a map-view and a selectbar-view. When I select something on the selectbar it navigates my map-view without a problem because the map-view and the selectbar-view are both embedded in the mainview and the selected parameter can be sent to the map
( Property/parameter binding between views - #4 by theodor_skaufel ). However, I am having trouble figuring out the best way to pass the same navigational paramater to a view that is not embeded in the mainview.

This is for a marker popup on the map with information on the selected location that is shown on the map when selected in the selectbar-view.

The popupview is not embedded in the mainview as it is referenced directly from the map components marker-popup-function.

Should I use a message handler script or maybe embed the popup-view in the mainview but hide it?

I cannot write the param in question to a tag because multiple users will affect each others sessions by updating the same tag.

Unless I misunderstood, you are just trying to pass a parameter to a popup view? If so, you just include the params when you call system.perspective.openPopup()


# Opens a popup view. We are passing in two parameters, called "myParam" and "myParam2". We also set some additional properties of the popup.
system.perspective.openPopup("myPopupId",'folder/myView', params = {'myParam':1,'myParam2':'Test'}, showCloseIcon = False, resizable = True)

It is the popup under the marker-function on the map component. It is my understanding that this is a different type of popup

ok, so I was stupid and did not hover over the params option under view within the map's marker.
Just hover over params and it tells you how to achieve this