What is the [client] portion of a tag name?

I have some script in a project that I inherited that looks like this:

ipAddress = system.tag.readBlocking(["[System]Client/Network/Hostname"])[0].value
if ipAddress == "CP-454E90":
elif ipAddress == "CP-454E92":

I can’t find any tags named ProductionLineSelection or disableDropDown. I thought the [client] portion of the tag meant that this was a System/Client tag, but it’s not. If I do a Find, for either one of these tags, the only place they’re found is in this script.

What’s going on here? Some artifact? Something else?

These tags should be available in the client tags.
Did you check under client of each tagProvider? Or
Maybe is there any Tag Provider names “client”?

Got it. Thanks!

Somehow I missed Vision Client Tags.