What is the correct way to sctructure two projects?

Good morning, I would like to know what is the correct way to structure two projects. Each one is independent and has a different gateway script. What would be the correct way to structure it?

What is the relationship between the two projects? Are they supposed to be the same/mostly the same/share scripts and logic, or entirely independent of each other? People are going to need more details about your context to give you a better answer.

They are completely independent one from another.
Im looking forward to hearing from you.

What are you worried about, exactly ?
Because I have a hard time understanding what you're asking.

If they're totally independent, I'd put them on 2 gateways, that don't communicate or share anything, and there's no question of structure or whatever, since they're 2 separate entities.


I didn´t knew it was possible to have 2 different gateways on the same device. Thank you very much for the info.

Why are they on the same device if they're completely unrelated ?
Not that it's not possible, but there are things to consider.
For example, I have a lot of different gateways on my machine for development purposes.
But they're in separate dockerized environments. In prod, they all have their own machine.

That's why we need more information about what you're doing/what you want to do in order to properly help you.

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