What is the difference between self.data and self.viewDataset

Hello everyone,

I am trying to understand the difference between self.data and self.viewDataset. Which one is being mostly used in power tables. I cannot find this information in the manual and I cannot use them without knowing what they are doing.

I have read some threads that self.data is not useful when it comes to sorting or filtering but not sure if this is the only diffrence or not.

I would appreciate any information you could share with me!

data is the raw data - the actual dataset driving the table.
viewDataset is always a reflection of the driving data property. As you apply sorting and filtering operations to the table in the runtime, viewDataset will be updated to the current visible state of the table. But the underlying data has not actually been resorted, or had rows removed, or columns hidden; it’s all still there. Depending on what you’re actually doing in scripting, one or the other dataset may be most useful to you. There’s also some ‘helper’ functions on the component to translate row indices from one dataset to the other.


Thank you very much, Paul! Appreciate your response.