What is the effect of changing the Include Schema in Table

I am adding a project to an existing system, I would like to segregate the tables for the new project from the existing project in the system database. My thought was to create an new schema in the database and change the Include Schema in Table Name setting of the current database connection and then be able to use the fully-qualified name in the new project. Will this ‘break’ the existing project (e.g. tables populated with SQL queries, spark lines, tab strips generated from data base tables, etc.)? Or will Ignition use a default to the ‘public’ schema if a fully qualified path is not specified?

Would a better choice be to add a second connection to the database with the Include Schema in Table Name setting selected?

Ignition should resolve all DB connection info by the ‘name’ defined for the database connection - changing the database connection string should not affect anything.

If you’re hesitant, however, adding a second DB connection to an alternate schema is a perfectly valid option.