What is the latest update for 7.9 ? any issue when update

My gateway version is 7.9.1 and i want to update the latest 7.9.22

anybody has experience, any issue will accrue

I need you share your experience on update gateway, I have a lot of script, trans action group, and I don't want to stop something in my project

There haven't been any development changelogs since May. It officially went end-of-life in June. v7.9.21 was released in July. I wouldn't hold my breath for v7.9.22 coming out any time soon.

It's dead. Upgrade to v7.9.21 in the interim, and make plans to switch to v8.1 soon.

Test upgrading in isolated simulation environments, with stand-ins for your devices and databases. Preferably using the same DNS names and/or IP addresses.