What is the maximum open clients recommend per gateway

I have written a data entry program, and now that people are using it is starting to freeze. I have checked there is no network lag. The ping response time when the program is running is ok. There are currently about 20 other clients open in other departments.

The cpu on the workstations isnt maxing out when the program is locked up. All workstations are using win 7 with 4 mb ram. Windows 64. It is NOT reporting a loss to the gateway. the program simply freezes.

Any ideas on what could be causing the lockup

Slowdowns can have multiple origins:

  • CPU bound: check the CPU usage of the clients and the server. You can use the Task Manager for that. Note that most pieces of code only run on one thread, so one core having a high usage may be enough to indicate something is hanging (while the other cores might be idle and thus the computer won’t feel slow as a whole). Please check the CPU usage per core in the performance tab.

  • RAM usage: Either the computer can be low on RAM (which can be checked in the Task Manager again), or the RAM assigned to Java might not be enough for your project. To check the latter, you can use the Ignition gateway webservice and take a look under Status -> Performance and Status -> Vision Clients.

  • Disk or Network IO might be too slow. In the Performance tab of the Task Manager, you can click the Resource Monitor button to show that tool. There you should ensure there is enough time where the disk/network is idle.

Once you’ve figured out whether the server or the client is the problem, and what part is the bottleneck, it should be possible to find solutions.