What is the Schneider M340 plc discrete input address (modbus tcp)

what is the Schneider M340 plc discrete input address I want to get discrete input data from M340 modicon plc I can get holding register, coil data. But not sure what is the address for Input I0.2.0 TO I0.2.63 ?

I think you have to find that in the Schneider documentation. Look for the classic 1nnnnn address range.

In Schneider documentation it says, discrete input range is from 100001 to 20000.
Then what is the Ignition address of input I0.2.0?
Ignition manual says discrete input start from DI, DI1 is equal to 100001

Right, Ignition sees classic Modbus addresses 100001 to 165536 as DI1 to DI65536. Ignition doesn't see anything like I0.2.0, because that isn't a Modbus address. Your PLC, if it allows these to be read via modbus, must have some assignment showing 100001 == I0.0.0 or something like that. It isn't in Ignition. It would be somewhere in Schneider's software or documentation. It might be something you have to configure in the Schneider software.