What is the standard way to create info page in status section? React or NamedPanel

I am developing a new module for ignition and want to put some results and information on a page. I noticed in the inductiveautomation git that there is a React way of doing it, but then I noticed that ignition is built on wickets and there are namedpanels. Is there an accepted standard or preferred way of doing it?


For status pages, absolutely React. Wicket has no real concept of live polling, which defeats much of the purpose of a live status overview.
For configuration pages, it’s a little trickier, but we’re using both, and are implementing all new config pages with React.

Thanks for much for a quick response. That helps. I have a few follow up questions now :smiley:

  1. Are there React boilerplate components that we can use to replicate the look and feel of other ignition status pages.

  2. Is there any documentation (besides javadocs) for the Reactpanel or react related classes

  3. Do you have any recommendations to set the react development environment similar to create react app. Right now after every tiny change I have to run “webpack”, then “mvn package” to build module, then sign module, and finally install the module. It is turning out to be a bit tedious


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I’m far from a React (or frontend in general) expert, but this is probably the best resource: