What is this and how to use this?

How to use the Insert New Record fucntion?


If you don’t use a trigger, your items will be stored in the database in a new row every time the group executes (per the pace you specify). If you do use a trigger, it will be checked at the pace specified, and a new row inserted whenever the trigger says to.

So the “where” box is no effect if specify the database columns with other tags?

The where clause can only choose DB rows to change (update) or DB rows to bring to Ignition (select, for DB=>OPC operations), as evaluated by the database. Databases don’t accept a where clause for insert. If you have a condition to check before inserting, make it your trigger. If you have multiple conditions you must use to decide whether to insert or not, you will need an execute-only expression item to produce a single trigger item. The trigger determines whether to run the group’s SQL statement, whichever kind it is.