What is this "Logo" component?


I downloaded “next_generation_dashboard.1.0.0” project on Ignition Exchange.

In leftMenu view I saw this component below, but I don’t know what type is it ? It’s not in the component palette.

Do you know it ?


I believe it is a svg. It is not a standard component from the component pallette, but an svg image that is dropped into the canvas.

It seems that “d” property generate an image. I don’t know what this string format is ?

Have a read of this Paths - SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics | MDN

Essentially, d defines a pen path if you imagine doing a dot-to-dot, the d string defines the coordinates to move to and how it should move there (eg straight line, arc, bezier, etc) . The letters define what type of move the pen makes (e.g. relative to last point, absolute to canvas, etc) and the numbers, where to go to

I like this one SVG Pocket Guide.

In addition to what @nminchin said, Upper Case letters indicate absolute positioning, and Lower case letters represent relative positioning. Basically, move based on 0,0 in the upper left corner, or move based upon where I currently am.

It looks like gibberish for sure, but once you wrap your brain around it you can see what’s going on. Still this syntax is probably the best argument for a third party app like Inkscape for creating/modifying SVG’s

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What do you mean? I draw all my complex SVGs using d paths :grin:
Read: I would never create complex SVGs using d paths written manually.


I dont use third party apps to adjust svgs :see_no_evil:. I never start from a blank though xd

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