What is this property references?

I’m looking through old code and I see this

try({Root Container.Table_Items.data}[{Root Container.Table_Items.selectedRow}, “ID”], -1)

I think undestand semantically whats going on, it’s trying to get the selected row off the table or use -1 if nothing is selected. But What is with the brackets around {Root Container.Table_Items.selectedRow}? And the “ID” string? Also I did not see selectedRow as a property of Table_Items, is that inherited from the table template?

{Root Container.Table_Items.data} pulls in a dataset
[{Root Container.Table_Items.selectedRow}, "ID"] addresses a specific value in that dataset - by row, column. The row reference is dynamic, and comes from the ‘Selected Row’ property of Table_Items, as you guessed.
The try construct around the entire thing does exactly what you suspected.

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Thanks, that helped.

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