What is this?

I’ve been using Ignition for a bit…
There are times when I load my ignition designer and after a few minutes(like an hour) this is all I get.

Why does this happen? How is it avoided? I don’t want to explain this to my customer…don’t make me.

This should probably be in the Ignition problems forum, but for the record, I am seeing something like this on one of my PCs too (unfortunately, the customer PC). For whatever reason, as soon as I open something like an event dialog to edit some code, the interface really wigs out, with windows becoming jittery, transparent, and with weird overlays. Basically, the only way I can do development on that PC is by using remote desktop from another PC. I also had FPMI innstalled on the PC, but didn’t have that problem.

I’m pretty sure it’s video card related, and I’m using an NVIDIA 9800 card with dual monitors, but I have a similar setup on another PC without that problem. Very odd.

Yes, we’ve had reports of this sort of thing. Best we can tell is that it is some sort of interaction between Java’s painting and the video card and/or video card driver version.

Try upgrading both the Java version and your video drivers to their latest versions. Also, reporting what video card / driver version you’re running might be helpful.


Have had same problem very intermittent, FYI

NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

I have not checked for a new driver in a long time, but will here soon. There are tons of NVIDIA cards out and in use. Lots of Motherboards even come with them built in, though lower end.

We like our NVIDIA cards here.

Looks like there are a few flags that we can try setting in Java that might affect this, such as setting the “sun.java2d.noddraw” flag to “true”. I think we’ll add options in the Gateway that let users play with these options since this issue seems so difficult to reproduce, so whether or not these options help will have to be determined by users affected by this issue.

It looks like updating your video driver and Microsoft’s directdraw package (DirectX) may help also.