What kind of data is event.data?

I have a table and when I click on a row I want to set a text label to the selected value in the table. The onSelectionChange script is:

This returns event.data, which contains the data I want. What I get is a value with the field (column) name and the value as [{“Field”:“Value”}] as shown:


I could use some python string manipulation on event.data to strip it down to the value I want, but is there a way to access the value directly? event.data doesn’t appear to be a dataset that I could access as event.data [0][0] or event.data[0 0]. There is no value property on event.data.

It’s a list of dictionaries–in this case a single dictionary as you’re not using multi-select.

# From first list item (a dictionary) in data, get first value.
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Perfect! Thank you.

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