What power chart can do?

Good day,
My expectations from the power chart are as follows:
1. add play and pause buttons while in realtime mode
2. When I want to view the pen regarding the add selected tag button, will the Y
axis and its properties that I have prepared appear as default?
3. Can the y axis be zoomed? (Actually, I read a post about easy chart)

Did you try it ?

Have you seen this?

  1. Can be mimic'd through some code, could probably add a button to grab the start/end times in real-time mode and swap to historical then set the times to look like a pause.
  2. You could write some code to handle this, we have done if before were we have a custom selector that adds the pen to the proper axis based off of the eng units
  3. Not that I know of, someone else might though.

yes sir. I looked into it

I'll try and share them with external codes and so on.