What prop to adjust to get this TimeSeriesChart to not cutoff on top?

Hi @tmahaffey, it looks like your data falls outside of the range of the Y axis. From your image, I can see that you don’t have a trend setup, so the chart should be autogenerating the Y axis range for you. It’s strange that it isn’t recognizing those higher values. As a test, if you create a trend and assign it an axis that gores from 12 to some value greater than the higheset value in your dataset, are you able to see complete data?

I’m not sure what you mean by not having a trend setup yet. It is tied to a the historical database:

Is there a way to manually set any of the properties to just declare what range I want for the Y axis? I’m not seeing that option on this list of properties for the time series chart on your website


A quick fix to this problem is to just lock in the range of the Y axis from 0 to 20. But, I am noticing that many of our other trends have this same problem with the time series chart, and we need these other charts to be dyamic with our trending. So, locking in the range is the solution for only one of our trending charts.

I was just referring to the fact that you aren’t using a configured trend in the chart:

From your post above, it sounds like you are able to lock in a range uses an axis that you define via the axes config. That is good.

By default, with no trends/axes configured for a plot, the chart that gets created will use the min/max values that are part of the dataset that you have bound to the the data property of your series. This is likely where there is an issue. If you display the values of that dataset in some other way (perhaps using a table), are you seeing the expected values, or do you have a data anomaly?

There isn’t reason to suspect that the data is incorrect, it looks close to what we would expect. There’s a chance that the values could be a couple of volts off, but this probelm is systemic to all of our historical data for these devices, so all I can say is I really hope it isn’t a data anomaly!

That being said, I am trying to set the Y axis to 0 min 20 max. The name of that axis is battery voltage, but I can’t figure out what the correct configuration for the axis is to allow me to change that. I typed in the correct name from what I can (It matces the column name in the dataset editor).

After looking at your data in the table, I think I know what is going on… Are you on a version of Ignition older that 8.0.7? Prior to that, the Time Series chart was not plotting decimal points on the Y axis and was rounding down to an integer value. This was fixed in 8.0.7. It would be worth an update to see if that resolves this display issue for you.

Yes, we are on 8.06