What SQL permissions and/or tables are required to use Tag Historian?

I am working on a locked down system that doesn't allow users to CREATE tables in Microsoft SQL database. Is there documentation that details what SQL tables are required to run Tag Historian? A cursory glance at the manual didn't show anything relevant.

I think one problem you'll face if you don't allow the Ignition user to CREATE is what happens when a new table is required? Like my history tables look like

Unless someone manually wants to create it each time, I would really recommend they figure out a way to let Ignition user create tables. Maybe they'll want to create a fresh DB silo'd off from other important data and then feel comfortable granting CREATE privilege's, but I do think the easiest thing is to let Ignition manage this.

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You bring up a good point I didn't think about. I will see if I can convince the team here to make a user with more privileges.

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I hope Ignition isn't using root haha.

If you turn off partitioning, then you wouldn't need a new partition table created periodically. You will then have the other problem of an endlessly growing table to deal with, but :man_shrugging:


You evil, evil man... :stuck_out_tongue:
From experience of starting with a monthly partition at sites, to a weekly partition, now down to 3 day partitions at some sites. I cannot even fathom not having the tables partitioned on the standard historian database buildout.

Common practice when the DB involved has decent native partitioning support.