What to do if your Unsolved topic has been Solved

From time to time some of the forum posts may accidentally become Solved. If this situation should arise, don’t worry, there is a solution. And, its not starting another forum thread about the same topic. The original poster in a single thread has the ability to Solve or Unsolve a topic. Once your topic is solved it locks the topic. If your thread has been marked as Solved and it is not actually Solved you can click on Unsolved, located in the lower right hand corner of the individual posts within the thread, and this will unlock the thread so you can continue posting to your topic. Changing a topic to Unsolved can only be performed by Admin and user that started the thread.

So this is a change from the OP only to anybody that has posted to that thread.

I think your right Robert, I am trying to get clarification on that here. For now lets go with OP and admin can mark threads as Solved and Unsolved.

This typically only has to do with the original poster and the admin anyhow. The reason this is being brought up is because threads are being marked as Solved when it in fact has not been Solved.

So, instead of starting a new thread because your old one was marked Solved, clicking on Unsolved will revert the thread back and you can continue posting.

Edit: I checked it out and yes, Robert you are correct. I think I am also going to make a sticky of Colby’s post about how it works.

Guess I can’t mark this solved. :smiling_imp:

I can give you a hand with that. :thumb_left: