What's the maximum no. of MQTT client can be managed through Ignition

What’s the maximum no of MQTT client which ignition can be managed? Means, what’s the maximum no of MQTT client can be managed through ignition broker??

Their website says you’re limited to 50 and 250 clients in the standard and plus versions, respectively.

Thanks Kevin,
what if i have more than 500 Client let’s say 4000 MQTT client ? is Ignition support other broker like https://www.hivemq.com/ or https://www.emqx.io/ ? and what’s the guidance to built integration between ignition and these broker ?


Yes, other MQTT brokers are supported. I think they need to support at least QoS 1.

You should contact Cirrus Link for more details and verification.

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because of performance and memory limitation they limit number to 50. I recommend if need more than 50 client use dedicated MQTT server other wise you face some performance problem.
Cirrus Link sell a in depended MQTT server for that called Chariot MQTT Server.

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Hi Nader,
Does Cirrus MQTT Engine module will work with 3rd party broker and able to automatic tag creation ?

Yes definitely.