When barcode scanner enters a new value, a default screen should be shown

And if it is a client tag change script, I can see the result in the output console, correct?

@dkhayes117 happens to the best of us

@pkhoshroo Correct. Though honestly after using logging in the client I much prefer it to print statements as it won’t get flooded out by other java swing errors that may occur.

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Thank you @bkarabinchak.psi and @dkhayes117.

Now I should make all my scripts organize to find the answer to my original question. Thanks a million!

I don’t recommend print statements in Vision if there’s any chance your script will run in the background. The print statements probably won’t come through in that case. The logged messages do.


In all of your screenshots your code isn’t indented properly.

This should look like this:

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So below is the summary of what I did to solve the problem based on @dkhayes117 and @bkarabinchak.psi hints:

  1. created a memory tag called “BarcodeScan” in my default tag browser, this tag is being used by the barcode scanner.
  2. Then I created a client tag change scripts using client events called “DefaultScreen” and have that to be triggered by the BarcodeScan tag:
  3. I wrote a single line script:

And THAT’S IT!!!
Now whenever the new barcode value is entered, the default screen (Top) will be shown.
It was very easy!!! I do not know why I made it so complicated in my head!!!

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That is correct! Thank you!