When fixed VPN connection --> Ignition get no values

Hi everyone, I have this case:

When the VPN breaks, and it is fixed again (without rebooting anything), the opc explorer gets values again whereas the Ignition don’t. It is necessary to restart the tunneller of the client in order to make Ignition showing values.

This seems to be related with the client’s instance. There is a way to avoiding this reboot?

I have attached a picture of the connection.

I found something similar with a VPN connection on the forum but it has no answer…


This is the opc-com tunneller module, or a different tunneller?


No, its a Matrikon Tunneller.

In the network we have seen latencies of 200ms or more.

Would be this the cause when doing the subscrition of 2000 tags (eg. changing to all the tags, the Scan Class)

Thanks a lot.