When I rotate text 90 degrees it disappears. How do I rotate text?

When I rotate text 90 degrees it disapperas. How do I rotate text yo?!

Is this on 7.9.10 with the new client/designer launcher?

Yes sir. I can go 89 degree no problem, once I get to 90 all gone

Ok, this is a known issue. Hopefully fixed in 7.9.11.

There’s instructions floating around the forum for launching with the JVM installed on your machine instead of the one included in the 7.9.10 launchers but I can’t seem to find them. Give support a call on Monday and they should be able to help you out with that.

Thanks for the information, much appreciated.

I used the code found here:


<html><body>Your string in text


This bug is back again, not sure when, but it’s in 7.9.14
Rotated Text not showing

and adding the <HTML> tag as @Dawid_Fulczynski mentioned still fixes it (don’t need the <body> tag)

Also present in 8.0.17, and html or html><body does not work.

Is there any new workarounds?