When Ignition Server lose communication to PLC

When Ignition Server lose communication to PLC, let say the communication module is down. The SCADA Panel Vision Client does not know, it just reading the dead data on the server. I have to use device communication fault to warn operators.
Are there is setting to trigger all tags show lose communication when Ignition server is not communicating with PLC? Like when it is not communicating, all SCADA objects would show not usable color.

Yes, tag data from OPC has a quality assigned to it. When data is no longer being refreshed from the PLC, the quality becomes stale, and the objects that are displaying that data get an error overlay (red). That overlay includes an icon for the general reason for the bad quality. (There are several variations.)

This is all automatic in Vision, though the overlays can be suppressed on a per-binding basis.

It is not turning red, that is why I was surprised.
The HMI just looks normal, until you try to set (send) a value to the PLC; That is how I found out communication issue between PLC and the server. Vision Client reads dead value on the gateway, it does not bother to check. I have to put a communication indicator on overview screen to show if PLC is connected, using device connection status tag. I have to login to webserver to edit the communication server, not make any change but hit save, the communication module then started to communicate to PLC again. It is so strange.
Thank you for reply.

What OPC server or driver is this? (Sounds like a broken one.)

I believe it is default OPC UA; device is CompactLogix

I actually found lots people have similar issue. The connection went down with no reason. The device connection goes down from time to time. Sometimes it does not reconnect, if you do edit (actually change nothing), then save, it will reconnect.

I also have sites report all Ignition go down from time to time with no reasons, except old systems talking to PLC5, it did not lose connection. I believe PLC5 sub system use old version of igntion.

Consider opening a support ticket and supply all the details to IA.