When Scaling Coordinate containers in percentage mode


we are using a coordinate container with all our components in. This coordinate container is in percentage mode to scale when resizing the window. We embed this view in another container. How can we make sure that the embedded with sticks to the top right corner (x:0 and y:0) when resizing the window showing the embedded view?

due to the percentage mode the embedded coordinate container scales down when resizing, but the entire embedded container does not stick to the top right corner.

The best fix I have found so far is to have a breakpoint container that contains one smaller view where the embedded view is inside a coordinate container that is fixed as a smaller view. However, this only gives us one resizing.

I also tried putting the embedded coordinate view inside a column container. Here the problem would be solved by changing the height parameter as the resizing occurs. But I haven't figured out how to link the height parameter to something that will know the current size of the window the user is resizing..

coordinate containers is not recommended for scaling applications usually.

If you are using breakpoints then you would need multiple ones for different screens.

I suggest you try using flex containers. also inductive university has an elective studies area with some good info on this.

I have the same question. We want our percent mode P&ID to scale to fit screen (it does), but appearance would be better if it stuck to top left of available viewport area instead of being centered in it. There must be a simple way to do this, but I didn't immediately find one and moved onto other things.

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I ended up remaking everything in flex containers, only using sub coordinate containers in percentage mode to wrap specific components that require an aspect ratio to scale

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